What's Behind the Literature Reviews?

A literature review reviews previously written scientific articles, books, dissertations, conference proceedings and other resources.

For a particular topic, it focuses on a particular research area and theory, and provides historical context for modern thesis and dissertation projects by identifying past researches and studies conducted on the similar themes.

The literature review helps us identify where we are today in the world of knowledge and wisdom.

New dissertation writers and researchers take the story to further stages giving it further perspectives and new angles being consistent with the basic concepts and research fundamentals story before they can pursue their researches to further stages.

All-Purpose Literature Reviews

Mainly, the purpose of a writing a literature review is to identify the gaps found in current knowledge. Moreover, a literature review helps you avoid reinventing the wheel in the same area of knowledge and research.

A literature review focuses on the background, which has been explored so far.

A literature review increases your breadth of knowledge in your area of research and can help you to identify fundamental work in your area.

Topic Selection Comes Before Anything Else

To any student pursuing your dissertation or thesis research works, this is the topic selection, which comes before anything else. First, ask yourself how much time you have to devote to your research-writing project. Then, start as early as possible to utilize each and every moment available.

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A Literature Review, the Backbone of Your Research

A literature review provides the intellectual context for the required research work.

  • A well-planned and well-written literature review also helps in positioning your own research with the rest of the related researches conducted earlier in the same area.
  • A literature review provides you with opposing views as well, thus helping you see the other side of the coin too.
  • A literature review helps you discover research methods that can be effective and used for your research works too.
  • Overall, the function of the literature review is to demonstrate how related research-based intellectual work has profoundly influenced the research you intend to pursue now.
  • The researchers should try to use the research to provide an incentive for their work selectively and creatively.

Goals and Objectives of Literature Reviews

Overall, a literature review helps you achieve numerous objectives during your dissertation and thesis-writing project, some of which have been given below:

  • The literature review provides a historical context for your research. The literature review gives a brief outline of the current context, wherein you can easily locate your current research.
  • A literature review shows relevant theories and concepts for your research. A literature review provides definitions and terminology relevant to your research.
  • A literature describes a wealth of related researches conducted in the similar knowledge fields and shows how your current research is going to contribute in the field. A literature review provides evidence for a practical problem that your research going to address.
  • The literature review can be also given separately in the following section titled as 'Literature Review'. This chapter can be further divided into sub-categories and subsections.
  • The literature review can occur in a chapter or series of chapters with thematic titles. The literature review can be interlinked through the entire dissertation. This is common in the numerical research that focuses on a theoretical analysis of texts.

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